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Out of the Box 1


Insomnia has been my companion for a long time. I was watching a video of an elderly man, in the UK or Scotland I believe, who felt “abandoned” in the care home was the term he used. I certainly can relate to that.

Thinking Out of the Box

I have been attempting to find solution for my Parkinson’s disease support needs. I listen to the radio and write in the blog using my phone. Then the thought came into my head, what if “they” confiscated my phone? It was such a horrible thought that it immediately woke me up. To counter the negative thought, I asked what if instead each resident is given a smartphone and is provided support using the phone as part of the support system? Now that many exiting ideas possible.

It is such a long name I’m going to create an acronym: pdss or Parkinson’s Disease Support System.

The pdss could exist in several versions, one version for the individual pwp living at home and supported by one or more caregivers, another version for a group of pwps in a care home environment.


The purpose of the pdss is to facilitate the care of pwps to make up for the current shortage of healthcare.

What would it look like? At this point in time I have no idea as one would determine that through consultation. Here are some features I would like to see. The pdss could provide access to information in many different languages. This could take the form of books, plays, movies, news, training, communication and much more.

The form of the smartphone would be adapted to suit the individual’s capabilities. Fortunately a smartphone is relatively lightweight. It can be enhanced by technologies like DEX to give a larger display.