Just imagine a place where…

  • Where you learn new, practical skills that are in demand by employers.
  • You learn at your pace
  • You learn where ever you are
  • You learn whatever interests you now
  • Only requirement, you must tell others about us

Welcome to the world of online learning!

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Under Re-Construction

We have been developing online courses for almost a year now. These courses were intended as building blocks for PVS project. Many people who saw the courses said “wow, this is great, we should make it available more generally”, so we are upgrading to a full online school! We are keeping the current courses available so technically we are under reconstruction!

Much of the functionality you would expect from an online school is not there yet. But this is a one-woman show, and one with Parkinson’s at that. So please be patient with me.

The main idea is to have fun while learning new skills to get better jobs. To feel good about ourselves.

In the mean time I am continuing to develop and post new courses. I have many that I have already developed using a Windows phone – Microsoft has discontinued their Windows-based phone product line. In principle you would still learn a lot from those courses, but I am rerecording them using an Android phone. Here too it is a choice I made as I liked the flexibility Android phones give you and Android is still the most popular operating system in developing countries.

I recognize that iPhone is also an excellent platform and we will certainly include iPhone-based courses in the near future.

It is slowing me down

But while working on adding new courses as fast as I can, I am fighting the ravages of Parkinson’s which are very real I am afraid (if you are interested you can read more about in my blog), I am also building the features a school needs:

  • A Contact Us page so that you can ask questions and give feedback
  • When you do the courses, you will learn a lot, but for your employer to know that we need to give a certificate for every course you have done
  • That in turn requires that I set up a registration system so that the system can know that you have logged in and what courses you have taken.
  • I am already working on an extensive marketing program, that I had mapped out for the PVS project but that I am applying to HMDLearn. It is vital that potential employers are aware of the HMDLearn School and understand the principles on which it is based and the advantages to them. Of course they don’t have a lot of time so one has to design the marketing accordingly.
  • But be sure the time spent on this, will find its way into useful courses for you.

In the meantime…

So, in the meantime by all means take some of the courses that are there – I know they lack polish, I don’t have time to spend on editing as yet. Many of the courses still are mainly in text form, which means a lot of reading – the content is excellent – remember in the good old days we talked about distance education or correspondence courses, the reading materials were all low quality roneoe’ed or photocopied black and white course notes – and excellent learning was achieved. And we have in the interim is already 1000x times better!

I am also working on getting some assistance and some funding. People have offered to help on a volunteer basis but I know how difficult finances are these days and feel people should be compensated for their work, knowing that you will learn a lot is not enough.

This is the logo designed by a student. It says HMD let’s you learn on a solid foundation.

Employers have no fear – there are some smart people out there!

How it all began
This online school has a strange but interesting beginning, read all about it here.