Having A Hard Time

The last week or two have been really hard for me. The Parkies has progressed with continuous struggles with Dyskinesia (click for more details). Suffice it to say when one is physically not well, it can affect one’s mood. So, I’ll admit that I have been blue to the point of hardly being able to get anything done. Clinical depression is one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s – if I had been my physician, I would have diagnosed the clinical depression already, in fact I would consider bipolar disorder – I hope our resident doctor does not read this because he has forever been on my case for resisting medication as a solution for the depression that overwhelms me.

So why not take his advice?

I think one has to tackle the cause of the depression, antidepressant medication basically adjusts the brain chemistry so one is better able to cope. There is a place for that I am sure.

But I am trying to deal with the things that stress me. And the doctor is one of them.

But a bigger problem for me has been what to do with this blog. It has grown over time so people have found it difficult to navigate because the blog deals with several different topics and also within a topic, like Parkinson’s – because I was writing for my own benefit, I did not pay attention to structure – people don’t like reading long blocks of text without the aid of formatting.

I had decided to create separate websites for the different topics by converting the existing WordPress installation into a multi-site installation. It seemed to be good idea and everything was going well at first. But somewhere in the process I must have done something wrong and I got a lot of Page Not Found errors.

I am trying to fix those now. At the same time if I see a page in serious need of structure I attend to that too.