Getting Phone Ready

(General Lesson 1)


Typical MyFiles Mess

In work projects one works with many files. In a newsletter for example there are the individual articles, and the corresponding photos. So one needs to organize these files in corresponding folders. Then there are your organizations standard documents, logo and graphics. If you need a review, the file system was introduced in an earlier post.

Unfortunately the phone’s apps were not designed with this in mind. The result is that if you have used the phone for a while, you have all your documents in one place, documents, with non-descriptive names like document(9).docx and you have no idea whether are even worth keeping anymore. So one needs to:

  • clean up the mess
  • learn to give your documents meaningful names when you create them
  • create folders (like the seedling project)
Apps on home page

Work Apps

My work related apps came pre-installed in Microsoft and Samsung folders in the my apps section. It is useful to group them conveniently on the home page but it depends on your preferences.

Storage Needs

Most phones don’t have a lot of storage space. But if you intend to do real work, you will need space – especially if you are going to shoot video, as we are. Then it is useful to use an SD Card if your phone as that option. When the card is full, you can replace it with a new one. I put the old (archive) SD cards in a normal envelop and put the details on the envelop.

These activities are demonstrated in the video below:

General Lesson 1

Note: the viewer should keep in mind that this blog is created by a pwd (person with Parkinson’s) and the video quality is not the best because of these difficulties, oral and dexterity . However the content is good and if you look past the imperfections, you will certainly still learn something.

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