Using Styles

(Word Lesson 2)

In the previous lesson we saw how to use the basic formatting tools to format the text in the letterhead.

This is fine for one-off documents, but to give your organization’s documents a consistent look and feel, it is useful to use styles. In this lesson we will look at using styles to format documents.

Styles are grouped together in a theme. The theme with its corresponding styles belong with the document. Each style can have both font and paragraph formatting. When you create a new blank document, it automatically has the default blank theme. If you create a new document using any of the other templates that come with Word, they each have their own themes and styles.

In this lesson we will format the Professional Video Services document, that we looked at previously, using styles for HMD containing the corporate red colour and sans serif fonts for the title and headings and serif fonts for the normal, body and first paragraphs.

Part 1

To illustrate these concepts we will first open a document hmd-nostyles.docx which was created using the blank document template. I have put some unformatted text on it.


On the left is a screen shot of the hmd-nostyles.docx document created using the blank template. But it still has an associated theme with styles.

The styles are accessed by tapping the Home tab on the ribbon, then scroll down and tap on the Styles tab.

The style that is applied to currently selected text is indicated by a line above and below the style name. In this case the cursor is in the “We’re good” paragraph which formatted by the Normal style.


Next we open the hmd-styles document. If you open the Home tab on the ribbon, and then scroll down and open the Styles tab, you will see that this time the theme contains styles for formatting Happy Monkey Design (HMD) documents and we will use this theme to format the Professional Video Services document.

I have typed the names of the HMD styles on the hmd-styles document and used the corresponding styles to format the paragraphs to give us a sense of what the HMD styles look like in a real document.


I then took the hmd-styles document and saved it as hmd-stylesq.docx and typed some unformatted text in the document.

If you open the Styles tab in the ribbon you will see that the HMD theme and styles are still there, they travelled with the document, whether you copied, saved as or emailed the document.

We will format text using the hmd styles. We’ll make the Our Services Heading 1 and the first paragraph FirstPara and the other two paragraphs as BodyText.

Part 2

In this part we’ll open our letterhead document and copy it. It is a small file and easy to copy. Next we will open the professional video services document. It