Christianity Long Term Care Parkinson's


I couldn’t imagine that I would ever say these words!

This has been my passion, a project that I have worked on for several years now.

But 1) the pressure of time running out, and 2) a lack of support making things taking longer, and 3) needing more effort, have forced me to reevaluate my priorities.

I still believe in the concept very much, but I have to accept the limitations that Parkinson’s has imposed on me.

So rather than hoping to set up a demonstration PVS myself, I will leave that others. How to do that? Maybe I could make it in the form of an eBook or a series of journal articles.

The original idea was to make the video projects as real as possible. This has become very difficult in my present situation at Kiwanis. I will continue to develop courses as long as I am able, but the projects will be described rather than demonstrated. My next step is to discuss with Parkinson’s Canada if they would like to become the champions for the PVS or maybe Davis Phinney under the auspices of his Foundation.

It is with great regret that I have to say Adieu PVS, we gave it our best shot.