No, this is not the H Mueller Design website. The company no longer exists since I retired more than a decade ago. I was looking to create a blog where I could capture my thoughts and experiences with Parkinson’s.

The Diagnosis

I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, a neurodegenerative disease. Over time you lose neurons and consequently your physical and mental abilities decline. However, it turns out that if you exercise the very abilities that you are losing, neuroplasticity kicks in and you slow down the progression. This site will be used for that!

I hope to journal my experiences with Parkinson’s. I plan to cover several different topics that are of importance to me now:

Why HMD?

I still had kept the domain name “hmuellerdesign.com” for sentimental reasons, and also to keep the email account active. So I am using this domain name to point to my blog. Although it sounds like a business website, it clearly is not. For example, there are no pages, like About Us or Contact Us, etc. other than this explanation home page.

Finding Information
The blog entries are stored by the date they are created and will be displayed by date. I have identified several topics that I intend to cover so I will further organize the Blog articles by topic, or category in WordPress language. When you select a category via the HMD Blog drop down menu on the right, the posts in that category is displayed in date sequence.

I think it makes sense to read my posts in the Parkinson’s and care home categories but I will try and follow a logical progression in the Christianity category and I recommend you read it from the beginning.

You can also search for a specific word or phrase using the search feature.

The explanation page
Heidi Mueller

As a new development I have decided to create some online courses for a fictional charity called Happy Monkey Design (HMD). Of course, training needs to be followed in a specific sequence, not by date. For that purpose I will create a menu item specifically for HMD Courses.

Page Appearance

This page looks awful but I plead for patience – I have had a lot to learn. The WordPress theme (2020) was installed by default. There is a whole new world of website design with WordPress to get to know and my mind is really slow these days – I will try and make the website better as I learn more.

But I realize my time is limited so I feel a sense of urgency to get the information down…