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A Reminder

A family member felt that I had implied in one of my christianity posts she was being misled. I told her why I was writing the blog. She then understood but suggested I put a reminder in from time to time. So here goes…

The main purpose is to journal my experience with a progressive neurodegenerative disease. It reflects my memories, my impressions and thought processes.

I recognize that the thoughts will become less precise over time, and may even now be, and that I would no longer be able to judge that.

My time is short so I have limited my writing to just a few topics. It is not a blog, but rather a journal. So there is no public comments section that one finds in a blog. It was meant as a vehicle where can express my thoughts for the therapeutic value that can give.

Why is Christianity a topic? I have been concerned that my unorthodox behavior and understanding would have turned my family, the main target of my writings, off Christianity so I wanted explain how it came about.

So no, if it appears that I am writing negatively of you, or of an organization, it is not a reflection on you but reflects what I was thinking at the time and is a representation of my mental and psychological condition.

So please this is not a blog used for expressing my opinions on a topic, but a with family and close friends as target audience.