General Smartphone

This page lists courses on how to use your phone for the many general work-related tasks. One uses the phone for making phone calls, texting, and emailing – communication is a normal activity in everyday work.

In the HMD courses we focus more on the work-related activities that are often not even thought of being possible when using your phone. This would include

  • video editing,
  • proposal writing,
  • project management,
  • publish an ebook,
  • programming and app development,
  • online course development,
  • marketing presentations, and many more.

These tasks, or projects, often require more than one standard app (Word, Excel, My Files etc.) to accomplish. In this General Section we look at these basic apps first. You are probably already familiar with using their desktop equivalents which will be helpful to understand the smartphone versions. Because the phone screen is so much smaller, the developers have had to come up with unique ways of giving us access to the same functionality.

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