Long Term Care

Why Kiwanis?

I was living in a lovely, small apartment in a complex called Dunwood Mansions. Just across the alley from us was this very attractive complex called Kiwanis Care Centre.

Kiwanis Care Centre view from Dunwood on the right

I would regularly walk down to the shops using the shortcut staircase that Kiwanis would kindly let us use. Along the way one could here people chatting in their patio.

In the fall, the trees planted in front of the building would change to their beautiful autumn colors.

I am not sure when, but as my condition worsened, the conviction that Kiwanis would be my first choice for long term care started to grow and I put it as my number one choice on the Fraser Health wait list.

And so, last November I got a call I never expected in my wildest dreams, from Kiwanis – they have a room for me! I would have to share at first but would soon have my own room.

Two weeks later, with the help of wonderful friends and family, I was a resident of Kiwanis!