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Where are the files?

In the previous video I explained how I have started breaking up longer lesson videos into smaller parts that are more manageable. But you really have to keep track of the various files.

Where are the files?
For the record, I have shot the next lesson, Introduction to Office, in four videos using PowerDirector, with AD Screen Recorder running in the background recording the screen changes during the process. So where are all the files?

Screen Recorder
As you can see in the My Files screenshot below, the files are saved in the Internal Storage > Movies > AzScreenRecorder folder. The filenames long and start with the date. I changed the filenames of the last four to Office1 though Office4 so that they are easier to recognize when we bring them into PowerDirector for editing.

Screen Recorder Files

PowerDirector has two types of file, the project file containing all the editing decisions we have made, and the final video file that we produce based on the editing decisions.

The PowerDirector Project Files

The project file is located logically enough in Internal Storage > PowerDirector > Projects.

There ultimately will be five project file, one for each screen recording and one for the final one when we edit the four screen recordings into the final video. I have started one project so far L4_Office1.pdrproj

Quite a process isn’t it? I’ll see if I will continue to use it.