General Long Term Care

Video Shy

I have been trying to let someone video tape them for some time. I have some new equipment that should make videotaping with my smartphone a lot easier and I am desperately keen to try it out.

I asked the shower lady, Jessica as I thought it could make an interesting interview style video. She was all excited at first and then became all video shy. Then I asked several others but they don’t seem to trust me? I wonder why that is?

I did email her supervisor to ask if it would be ok. I did explain why I wanted to do the interview. She did not ask me for clarification but referred it to the boss, who also did not discuss it with me. So that leaves me concerned that there is a huge misunderstanding going on. I will have to talk to the boss.

I think I will have to ask one of my visitors but I don’t really want to use visiting time for what must sound like work. My son from Armstrong came to visit me today. He was here for work and was ready for the 8 hours it takes to drive back. I certainly don’t want to waste the little time we had on video-ing him.