Mobile devices

Using Mobile Devices

This article introduces the concept of using Android devices (phones and tablets) for work.

Setting The Scene

I have been impressed by how much more powerful smartphones have become. The typically have more computing power than the personal computers of just a few years ago. My son was reminiscing with some glee how primitive our first family computer was!

Early computers

One often sees the question on YouTube: “Can the Galaxy XYZ replace your laptop?” In other words, can your phone or laptop be used to do serious computer work? As we’ll see later this is a misleading question – but certainly one I also asked.

A good example was my YouTube friend who found himself stranded in Thailand because of the Covid travel restrictions. So he turned his phone to good use as shown in the video below:

Doug’s Office
Lumia 830 phone

At first I thought Microsoft was on the right track when they brought out their Windows-based smartphones with their Office suite included. I certainly bought a Microsoft phone and created many videos on how to use the phone for work projects.

Sadly they discontinued their smartphone product line. They were on the rights track but just did not get enough developer support.

But smartphone technology continued to develop and using your mobile device for work has become even more realistic. Other mobile device manufacturers have done some creative work. In particular I am impressed by Samsung’s vision and product lines.

Moving to long term care has become a good opportunity to put the concept to the test. My space would be limited, so I decided to use only my current phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Here is my first attempt: creating a PowerPoint presentation.