Long Term Care Parkinson's

Uplifting Discussion

I had an interesting conversation with the lady from medical informatics, I think it is called health records here.

It started when I came out of the elevator on my wheel chair. Or tried to because just then Margaret started backing into the elevator real fast. Of course going backwards she could not see I was there and she bashed against my shins. I told her to let me get out first and I will help het get in. I don’t think she understood but came over to help. Margaret was quite upset with me.

Well I rushed off as fast as my wheelchair would allow. I have been having so many such strange events lately it has been getting me quite down.

I had scarcely arrived in my room when Patty came in after me. She wanted to make sure that I was not too upset. And we started talking. It was nice to talk to someone who listens intelligently and is not too put off by the Parkinson’s symptoms. She obviously has a lot of experience. I told her about the pizza night we had and the discussion around collaboratively writing a book with each of the ladies around the table contributing a chapter or two. When I explained the excitement on the faces of the ladies, she saw the potential and said I should consider forming a book club.

Well, I met Dr. Burns briefly in the hallway. He said he would see me tomorrow. I hope it goes well and that the optimism I got from the conversation with Patty this evening, lasts until tomorrow.