The Ongoing Saga

Parkinson’s is still a problem. At least we’ve sorted out the medication schedule for now.

Understanding Parkinson’s medication is somewhat complicated given that we don’t even really know what causes Parkinson’s. We do know how one feels as a person with Parkinson’s.

After my last visit to the Parkinson’s clinic at UBC I now have a new prescription and medication schedule. I believe it is questionable if it will result in an improvement.

The difficulty is that there is no objective measurement that one can use to decide how effective your medication is. It is by observation of your symptoms by an experienced movement disorder specialist.

I have been reading a very informative book, The New Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor To Get the Most from Your Medications, Edition 2.

In addition to providing a comprehensive account of Parkinson’s medications, this book also examines additional aspects of treatment, such as the role of nutrition, exercise, and physical therapy. It is based on Dr Ahlskog decades long experience with treating Parkinson’s at the Mayo Clinic.

I have learned a lot from the book including that my understanding of how to approach Parkinson’s is probably optimum. I really wish I had someone to discuss this with!? One really is quite alone…

There are other “little” problems, my vision has deteriorated quite a bit with worsening double vision. I can’t read for long because my eyes tear so much. I also got Vicks Vaporub in them the other night. It made me stop using it on my legs for now.

My teeth are another problem, but it will have to wait for the new year…unless we get a dental plan soon.

An interesting aside, it appears that addictive watching of the internet affects our brain’s dopamine system. I wonder if that, by extension, can affect your Parkinson’s medication? Although they operate in different dopamine receptor regions of the brain. I confess that my internet usage is a vital part of my day…It seems I need that dopamine kick when I check my mail etc.

I forgot to mention that thanks to Parkinson’s I now have two gaudy headsets. I was looking on Amazon for an inexpensive noise-cancelling headset that I could try. I found a pair that was cheap but was blue and teal. I thought what the heck and ordered a pair. It turns out I had ordered two pairs. I should know by now to check but I had ordered it twice.