General Long Term Care

The Fall

I am not talking about Fall Fashions but a hard fall from my wheelchair! This is a scary topic for any senior, especially for us pwds (persons with Parkinson’s) who have a high risk of falling. After aspirational pneumonia, falling is the leading cause of death for us.

Wheelchairs are an important part of our lives!

Well, it happened to me yesterday! Normally I am so careful when I get up or sit down. I always make sure that I have somewhere to hold. When you get up your blood pressure drops suddenly and for a brief moment you lose your sense of balance.

I have not been doing well lately, it is as if my meds are not working at all. So I feel jittery and slightly dizzy in my head like I have a head cold or sinus infection. As I got up, my feet somehow got entangled in the footrest and down I went!

On the way down my knee bashed against the brake handle. With enough force that the handle slid around the tube it is mounted on. The result is a brake that no longer works, and a blue bruise on my knee.

I don’t dare tell anyone about the fall as it would turn on alarm bells. I tried to fix the brakes but I can’t see so well anymore. I have a small adjustable wrench but it needs an Allan key. I’ll see if I can find someone to help today.

I asked my son if he knew what tool was needed but he didn’t and wasn’t able to come until next week. Then I explained to Cenon, the building maintenance man, what my difficulty was and asked if he had a suitable hefty screwdriver that I could borrow. He said he would come and look after lunch. He came, he looked, and he fixed it. He is my hero.

I was really grateful – a wheelchair with only half a brake is not good.