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Replace a Laptop?

When Samsung introduced DEX giving Android devices a desktop-like user interface, the question was frequently asked if using DEX your phone could replace your work computer or laptop?
There have been many videos on YouTube showing what people have tried.

It is normal to jump to that conclusion when you see the Dex interface for the first time. But, as many have correctly pointed out – that by the time you have bought a monitor and keyboard and mouse in addition to the smartphone, you could just as well have bought a laptop. It is not so obvious, be sure the read the white paper below.

However, if you look at it more strategically, then the concept of using your smartphone as your work computer can make sense as explained in Samsung’s white paper. This a hub website from where you can access mobile-related information discussed as it applies in the context of various industries like healthcare, education, hospitality and many more.
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The Next Mobile Economy.

In the meantime

In the meantime, your smartphone can do a lot more than many realize. Maybe the software does not allow you to do some of the more fancy things your desktop software can.

But are these fancy features really necessary to do the task, to tell the story? No, we managed quite well with the older, less feature-rich software thank you very much. I am using a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which is already several years old and I am regularly impress by what I am able to do with it.

In our step-by-step courses section you see how you too can do it.

Galaxy Note 9 used in our courses section