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New Concept

I had a brainwave when I could not sleep the other night. I have created several posts in the Mobile devices category so far. Some have been added to other categories as well when the content overlapped. Also I created them whenever I thought about it.

He seems content to be using his phone

The result is that it is difficult to retrieve the information. There is no structure. So my brainwave is to provide structure and context to help me plan the individual articles and to make it easier to retrieve the information.

Happy Monkey Designs
For context I have imagined a fictitious charity called the Happy Monkey Designs which allows me to keep the HMD logo (OK, so I am sentimental). The mission of the Happy Monkey Designs is to initiate design projects to support seniors.

One of the projects is to establish a Smartphone Video Club. I got the idea of starting the video club as a way of getting involved in the activities. This will entail promotion of the Club so there is already a presentation on the list.

Back to the Happy Monkey Designs, we would have to design and create the standard company (charity) materials including a letterheads, brochures, newsletters, presentations, emails, project proposals, annual budgets, etc.

This will entail the students using Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and the Internet. This will really provide a real-life context. I have seen over and over that project-based learning is very effective for getting to know technology in the work environments.

With this a context it will be possible to break the tasks down into manageable chunks to learn and for me to develop. No matter how short a specific project or course is, as long as one can see where it fits in the big picture context it gives one a sense of achievement.