More Out of the Box 2

How does one think of out-of-the-box solutions? It is sometimes called lateral thinking. How does one get other people to be willing to try these solutions?

Out the ordinary solutions

The stir to action formula might work:
1) describe the problem
2) describe the solution
3) show that it is possible to implement
4) show that it will have personal benefit for the person if it is implemented.

My Manual

My medication seems to be wearing off prematurely. Parkinson’s progresses slowly so if the meds  suddenly stop being effective, my manual (see Part 8: Later medication inconsistencies chapter 17 & 18) says it is probably due to:

  • another medical problem like a UTI, Covid, etc.
  • I am constipated and not absorbing the medication properly,
  • I am taking the meds too close to meals (must be at least one hour before and two hours after the meals).

The recommendation is to have your GP check your health for any other illnesses, and I should confirm my medication schedule, and if by then the situation has not resolved, to try increasing my levodopa as prescribed in Chapter 12 (page 159) of my manual.

At Dunwood Place

It sounds simple enough doesn’t it? It used to be when I was living on my own across the street in Dunwood Place. I was being assisted/monitored by Fraser Health just like I am now. I bought and managed my own medications and scheduled my meals appropriately.

Surely it must be possible to recreate that here – not just possible but even easier given the extra resources we have here?

At Kiwanis

There is a difference, we are governed by the Community Care and Assisted Living Act and the corresponding Regulations. Compliance is checked by Fraser Health. Legal concerns are frequently used to say no to anything different.

What I am relying on is the following: Residents Rights:

  • Participate in the development and implementation of plans that affect them personally
  • Services that are tailored specifically for them on the basis of their unique capabilities, needs and cultural and spiritual preferences
  • Ensure that such tailored services do not endanger other residents or staff

It would be prudent to plan the process in close collaboration with the Fraser Health inspectorate, using Parkinson’s Canada EVC document as a guide.