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Loving Jesus

Previously I had posted that most of the images of Jesus in art are quite wrong. What did he look like? We will see him soon enough. The BBC has an interesting article on its website where they address this very question.

What Jesus looked like?

In the beginning of my faith journey, I mostly people speak of Jesus. We have all sinned and have to accept Jesus. So he had become somewhat real to me. I became convinced that I was a sinner and gave my heart to Jesus.

But as I prayed, I prayed to the Father, never to Jesus, that seemed wrong somehow, it was Jesus himself that taught us to pray in this manner. Some people said it was OK to pray to Jesus as he was God anyway! That sounded as wrong to me.

So as time went on Jesus became less real and God was the one I spent more time with and became more real to me. But I still did not know God, and by extension also not Jesus. This was a misunderstanding but a real dilemma for me.

I want to love him and be devoted to him, praise and honor him, and seek to adhere to his teaching by following his example. My approach is to study what the bible really says about him, and try and visualize how he interacted with people.

In the book of Revelation (chapters 2 and 3) John is instructed to write letters to seven churches in Asia Minor (basically Turkey today). For example in Rev 2:2 he says to the people in the Ephesus congregation that “ I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance.

The phrase “I know” occurs often in all the letters and indicates to me the Jesus was actively involved in the life of the congregation.

To get an idea of how that must work is to look at the live of Joseph who was effectively seated at Pharaoh’s right hand. He was actively involved in the state’s affairs.

I often hear of people whom Jesus had visited in dreams. I have wondered if that would make him more real. In my case I suspect not. Just as he was involved in the lives of the congregations in Turkey I try and imagine getting involved with what he is doing.

Father has been marvelous as always! He has helped me to know him and Jesus, to share their exciting vision of the Kingdom. He did say if I diligently seek him, he would do it.

I believe in his soon return, and I will continue to try and imagine how this is going to play out. I will continue to tell everyone who asked why I am so excited – that I believe in the true good news of God’s kingdom!