Let’s Argue!

If you have any unorthodox Christian beliefs, people will argue with you, if you are lucky. They could just as easily call you a heretic and shun you or worse.

I am a member of several unorthodox groups on social media. Recently a man posted several posts stating that he was depressed and was contemplating taking his life and no one would help him (I’m paraphrasing).

He posted several similar posts claiming different problems but apparently we would not help him. Many group members did actually try to give advice in the comments section.

That made me think of Jesus pointing out that by giving food to the hungry was like doing it to him when he was hungry, it is that important (Matthew 25)!

I had the sense that the man was making a point that we were too busy arguing about doctrines like the trinity etc. and were neglecting people in need.

In a way I would agree with him. It is easy to fall into the trap of trying to be right as far as doctrine is concerned and neglect other important things. I have certainly done that. Maybe this man has too – it certainly must have taken him a lot of time to compose all those posts, but of course I don’t know his motivation for doing it – if he was genuinely seeking for help a social media site is not the best venue but there were many helpful suggestions in the comments.

It is one of the reasons I like these unorthodox sites, there are many excellent bible scholars who are members and find I learn a lot from them. Just because one has come to an understanding of a doctrine that would be considered unorthodox, does not make one a heretic or that one would neglect other important things. They are mostly sincere, dedicated christians.

I believe we should not be quick to judge and condemn people who have a different understanding. Be ready in all humility to explain why you have this understanding when asked, and remember to leave time for the other important things!