General Long Term Care

Jumping to conclusions

Exercise is good for slowing Parkinson’s right? Well one exercise I seem particularly good at is jumping to conclusions about other people’s motives. Since Leigh reminded me of this the other day, I’ve seen how true it is.


I have so far mostly avoided taking part in the activities so people think I am stuck-up, stupid etc. So I have tried to think of alternative things I could do. I was talking to the activities coordinator about the possibility of doing a newsletter. I put together a proposal for a committee and a draft newsletter. Although it went ahead, the reception was lukewarm.

I have tried a few more other ideas but they were not accepted at all and even generated some hostility. So I have felt quite deflated and have been jumping to conclusions – I am ugly, stupid, disabled, useless, and so on.

Not Alone

I must remind myself that I am not the only one who is inclined to jump to conclusions. Other people might jump to conclusions as to why I have suggested the various activities. While I am trying to get involved in the areas that I have expertise, they might assume totally negative motives on my part.

I really must take care to avoid this type of exercise.