Long Term Care Parkinson's

Getting Around

My Race Track

Mobility is a big issue for people with Parkinson’s (pwd). I have been wheelchair-bound for some time. However the Physio has been encouraging me to use a walker more often, and I have been doing rehabilitation exercises with that in mind.

The race track is 150m. That helps one to keep track how much you have walked. I use the walker for general training but I use the wheelchair to go to meals (training for my upper body strength), that alone is 6 trips or 900m!

As one grows older, and it is even worse with Parkinson’s, your muscles begin to atrophy, hence the saying, if you don’t use it, you lose it!

Smartphone Muscles

As the smartphone plays such a big part in my life I better keep those muscles fit. In order to give my sister a sense of the facility, I took a lot of photos of the hallways from my wheelchair and sent them to her.

Then I thought of turning them into a video using PowerDirector, the smartphone video editor that I use.