Feeling Blue

Sleep is a big problem, or the lack of it. There are a lot of “I”s in the posts but it is a blog after all.

Yesterday was a particularly difficult day, and I went to bed really early. I was dreaming a lot about the courses I want to write but the dreams really made no sense, I just kept on trying to do the same things that would not work.

I wish I could some expert advice. I remembered a book I had read Ending Parkinson’s Disease, I started browsing through it. They make some interesting points, which I will discuss later. I saw another book that I never really read that might be helpful now, so that’s what I’ll do after lunch.

After Lunch

Well lunch was over and so I went to Amazon to look for the book:

The New Parkinson’s Disease Treatment Book: Partnering with Your Doctor To Get the Most from Your Medications” by J. Eric Ahlskog PhD MD.

It looked like just what I need. But to my horror the Kindle version was almost $30!

Is it worth it?

After much hesitation I bought it! I argued that I was in this all on my own. I have the appointment at UBC on the 21st which is in two weeks time. If I can read through the book by then I will be able to discuss treatment options more intelligently.

Our doctor here seems to have some problems of his own so he has not been helpful at all, but he had said that he would help me to adjust my prescription as I needed. So the book would help for that too.