Eventful Days

The day before last my friend was visiting me. It turned out that my medication didn’t come. I was shaking and looked rather miserable so I eventually took a dose of my emergency supply (that I am not supposed to have) and all was well. But my friend was rather upset and expressed it.

The next day I had a meeting with the director or care and he assured me that he would address the matter. That evening my meds again did not arrive on time and I had to take some of my own again…

Today the nurse practitioner phoned me as promised. We discussed my symptoms and we decided that the best option right now would be to increase my levodopa by 25% but keep the dose interval the same. She promised to send a new prescription. She would also stress the importance for the meds to be given on time and also restorolax in the evening. I hope she does because the new orders go to the pharmacist on Thursdays.

Then this afternoon I read two papers on the beneficial effects of exercise on Parkinson’s. So I am all motivated again.