Long Term Care


In a care home there are systems in place to make things run smoothly. One such system is the bath/shower system.

Our rooms are equipped with a washbasin and toilet. That is used for a daily sponge bath. Then once a week you get either a shower or bath in a special wash room equipped with a hoist to lift you into the tub, and waterproof wheelchair for the shower.

Well today my shower lady did not turn up. Oh No! So I got dressed and went to breakfast. I felt really grubby, especially my hair was an oily mess after a week of hot summer weather. It turned out the shower lady has gone on vacation – which is certainly well deserved. I had to wait until late afternoon before everything got sorted out and they found someone else to take her place.

Don’t mess with our routines, we are elderly and prone to get really grumpy 🙁

The Bathroom