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Sleepless in Kiwanis

As it so often happens these days, I could not sleep last night. The neuropathy and the resulting pain in my feet and legs are just too much for me. Sometimes I text my sister but I don’t want to worry her too often. She help me a great deal when I was working on my biography/life story when I needed so much moral support. As a side note I asked the physio this morning at breakfast if she could facilitate me getting a different mattress (neuropathy mattresssee also).


Last night I grabbed my mug of peppermint tea and sat on my wheelchair and listened to music. I usually end up thinking and that makes the insomnia worse. But I often end up with solutions to problems I had been struggling with.

One of my blog topics is Christianity. I have been blogging about my journey of faith, of how I became a Christian and what that meant to me. My friends know that how I understand Christianity is not conventional. I have felt for sometime that these blogposts may offend people. As my friends will attest I never try to push my understanding onto them.

Part of the brainwave last night was how I should restructure the blog to avoid causing offense. I was grateful for this inspiration although it will require more work. As I discussed more in depth in my biography, one of my concerns is that the divorce may have turned my family away from Christianity and that is a large part of having Christianity as one of my ongoing blog topics.

The second part of the brainwave last night is including videography in my activities here, I wrote about it yesterday.

This is going to involve several aspects that all have videography as an element. I am going to create a fictitious charity called Happy Monkey Designs (HMD). One the charity’s projects will be to run a videography club (Kiwanis Videography Klub) for seniors. It will provide both videography training using smartphones of course, and the members will make videos on a regular basis. Of course it is still just an idea and I still need to get approval.

I’m still buzzing with excitement but I will undoubtedly crash by this afternoon. So I should go down and see how the Carnival is going.


Opening Remarks

Purpose of Blog

This blog is intended for me as a place where I can publish personal thoughts and experiences while living in long term care. I hope that what I write may also be useful to others going through similar experiences.

Two-way Communication

Ideally, I would have liked the website to encourage discussion with friends and family that I really care about. That would imply allowing comments to the posts but I decided against that.

Mostly the audience will be friends and family, who all know how to get in touch with me should they want to discuss anything that I have posted or that they want me to post about. Therefore I have not included the usual comments system open to all.

My previous experience with public comments have not been good. Security is another concern in long term care facilities.