I have learned a lot from other people because of the books they have written. I am grateful that they have taken the time and for Amazon Kindle that had made it possible to own these books at an affordable price.

My Kindle Screen

I’ll share a list of these books, not in any order of preference but as I recall them. My memory these days, well, I may leave some titles off the list that should be there. Please read with the usual caution, though sincere they are just people like us.

I remember vividly reading When Jesus became God by Richard Rubenstein where I learned about the process of how, at the councils or meetings, the creeds came to be and Jesus was declared to be God, co-equal with the Father and so on.

Then there were many books by Anthony Buzzard. I don’t remember the exact titles (put his name in the search bar and you’ll find them) but there were:
The Coming Kingdom of the Messiah,
Jesus was not a trinitarian,
Our Fathers who are not in Heaven,
The Amazing Aims and Claims of Jesus.

Then the two Deuble bothers, Jeff and Greg: Creeds before Christ and They did not tell me that in Church.

I found the writings of Joel Richardson thought provoking:

Sinai to Zion: The Untold Story of the Triumphant Return of Jesus
Mount Sinai in Arabia: The True Location Revealed
Islamic Antichrist: The Shocking Truth About the Real Nature of the Beast
Mideast Beast: The Scriptural Case for an Islamic Antichrist

How I decided what to read?

You will see from the screenshot of a search on my Kindle that some of the books are marked in the top right corner of the cover with Sample, Read, and a Percentage.

Kindle allows you to download a sample for free – this usually gives you the table of contents and roughly the first chapter. That helps in deciding if you want to read the whole book or not – if you do it is a simple one click to download the complete book.

Most books give you their bibliography or may even specifically refer to another author. With Kindle it is an easy process to find and try out the books.

I read Defending the Apostle Paul by Paul Herring and liked his thinking and learned a lot from other writers he referred to. So I got his other books.

There are also many Christian novels on Kindle. I have read and enjoyed many of them. Simply search for “Christian novels”. A word of caution, the story flow of most of their novels are based on their understanding of Christianity. For example I liked the novels by Joel Rosenberg and Amir Zarfati, they fall into the thriller genre.

There are some interesting books that you can read online like books written by Dr Ernest Martin. In particular, I found his account of how the bible was canonized very interesting.