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A Visit!

Most of the residents here are rather elderly. So much so that I am youngish by comparison. Of course I don’t know what others think but I have been reflecting on many things as my blog knows. I have seen how they perk up when they have visitors. Today Roland came to visit and that was wonderful. It is easy talk to him because he knows the whole background. He often sets me straight because he has much more life experience now.

The downside is that I tend to hog the conversation when people visit because I am starved for meaningful conversation! Today I was looking forward to talking to Roland about his work for example and his plans for the future. It also happens when Leigh visits. She mostly comes on Sundays, if she comes tomorrow I will make a point of doing better at conversing.

At least the blog allows me to talk to it without complaining. It was a good idea to start it.

Roland mentioned that he talked to Karl about how I feel. I must see what I can do about that. I wonder if the other residents have similar thoughts? Like Rainy’s mother, she has had a long full interesting life, what does she think about? I had always wanted to write/video her life story – would that still be possible?

Rainy and Joe had offered to help me with video production and how to adapt my wheelchair. I would love that, but the reaction I got from the people here it seems that they are not so keen on me doing things like that. I was just looking at a video where Rainy did the voice over for me – not sure if she remembers.

I am not sure whether I should focus my efforts on the wheelchair or the walker.

On the video side it seems, from my discussion with Audrey that it is illegal to shoot video in care home. This is a common misconception. Yes, one has to be aware of the legal requirements but with judicial use of video one can improve the quality of life of both residents and staff.

Roland was right to question my motivation for pushing video. I believe in the inherent value of video but am I pushing it to prove myself, establish a reputation? I think he has a point. Last night I came up with the idea to create a training video “Ten Tips for Caring for Parkinson’s Patients”. It would basically be like a PowerPoint presentation. The video would then have no footage of any of the residents or the staff. That should show management that it is possible to make effective videos! Roland was quick to point out that my motivation for doing the video was suspect. He is right but I can stop my mind from running away like that.

Creating the video is still a brilliant idea. It would illustrate how one could highlight some of the EVA manual recommendations. But I should rather share it with the Parkinson’s society.

So it has been another strange day but somehow I feel a lot more positive.

Making video is exciting at any age